Curly, Coily, Coarse
Shea Butter*,Mango Butter*, Castor Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil*, Fragrance

Mango Souffle Hair & Body Butter

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Enriched with raw organic shea and mango butter, vitamin e, castor oil and protein. Mango Souffle adds amazing softness, manageability, and shine for natural and chemically treated hair. Helps to perfect twist-outs, define curls, and moisturize dread locks, just to add this butter can be also used on your body as a skin care regimen. Vegan-friendly.

Directions: Apply Mango Souffle on hair or skin.

Hair: Apply desired amount into palms of hand emulsify throughout hair for added moisture

Body: Apply desired amount to any external parts of your body for extra moisture.


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Curly, Coily, Coarse
Shea Butter*,Mango Butter*, Castor Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil*, Fragrance

What Customers are Saying

12 reviews for Mango Souffle Hair & Body Butter

  1. Lucia V

    One of my favorite products from her line. I use this on my skin daily and lips instead of chap stick. My boyfriend uses it daily on his braids and scalp and since he started using this his no longer has an itchy scalp. Smells like a smoothie! I will continue to use your product line.

  2. Chastity McAllister

    My wife brought this home for me to try & it’s now a staple in my night routine!! hair & skin soft & smells amazing!

  3. DeJa Herron-Lanier

    This is the softest, smoothest shea butter I’ve ever felt! I always feel super moisturized and my skin feels healthy. I’ve gotten some scars on my torso from an allergic reaction and it has been helping tremendously with the discoloration. I’m addicted to this butter!

  4. J

    The mango Shea butter is the best. If you want your skin to glow get that butter it’s the best.

  5. Courtney Kelly

    This product is amazing! It super moisturizes my 4C hair and leaves it feeling super soft. Doesn’t require a lot. A little goes a long way and not to mention it smells amazing!!!!

  6. Allie

    I have been using raw Shea butter and cocoa butter my whole life. I am always looking for new products that include one or the other. When I first opened this product, the scent alone made me fall in love. Once I put this on my skin and saw how easily it melted into my skin, I wondered where this has been my whole life! I have extremely dry skin and this works so well. It’s truly an amazing product and I will be buying more.

  7. Jolie

    I’ve been using the Mango Soufflé butter for about two months now and I absolutely love it. It’s great for dry hair and skin. Both of my children have eczema and I used it daily on them to soothe their dry skin. My whole family loves it!

  8. Kyanee M.

    Can’t lie I was skeptical at first, but boy was I wrong. I’m soooo happy I took the leap and bought it. I’ve been using it for two weeks straight and absolutely LOVE the mango butter.

  9. Yuneka Burton

    I love my Mango Soufflé because by me having locs I just don’t put anything on my hair because of the build up and residue it leave behind. But my Mango Soufflé didn’t leave any build up or residue behind and it absorbed into my locs which I was super surprised because I was a bit hesitant to use it just because I have tried using other products and I got residue and build up and I had to really rub my loc or locs so the product can be absorbed but this right here nope, nothing, it was like butter just melted right into my hair! I love it and the shine and its not greasy…I give this product A++

  10. Danielle

    I tried this in a twist out and the results are amazing! My hair didn’t feel weighed down like with other products. And my curls were so defined twisted out! Actually lasted more than one day for me!! And it smells so good!!

  11. Marlisa

    This product is the TRUTH!!! I use this butter for my twist outs and it gives my twists so much life and they last alot longer too! My hair is super thick and on the frizzy side and this is the only product that gives me extremely neat and luscious twists without making my hair heavy and my hair doesn’t shrink up when I use it with a little water. This is all I use on me and my kids hair now and I won’t use anything else, the butter is that good! You get more than enough too, mine lasted months before I needed to buy more and I used it frequently on 3 heads! Overall it’s worth it and our hair loves it 💜

  12. Anthony Hector

    Fast delivery time!!! I really enjoy this product! It has many uses . It smells great not too strong and lasting. I have dread locks and hard to find a good product to keep my scalp moisturized without buildup or heavy on my head. I washed and greased my head with the mango butter, I was impressed!!! No extra oils all in my pillow lol just a all around great product. Also it’s good for the skin !! I will be ordering more !!

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