We’re here to help you with your hair journey

We aim to deliver results and make a difference in people’s lives. We want our customers to have a sense of confidence and pride about their hair and texture.

We're here to help people learn about their hair and provide products that offer manageability, softness, and protection against the everyday tools we might not think are harmful.

- Founder of Kurlzon Me, DeAndra Calvin

About Deandra

As the founder of Kurlzon Me, DeAndra Calvin found that coming up with a hair care line for her clients was priority in their hair care regimens. Realizing that most products were not geared towards 4/a,4/b and 4/c textures. Her clients grew hopeless experiencing lack of moisture and retention. In 2016, her client base inspired her to create a brand that can deliver moisture, shine, and protection, while being able to retain length.

DeAndra Calvin began styling hair as early as 13 years of age, styling her friend and family she then later went into the medical field. During these years she begun styling the doctors that she worked for realizing that her passion was not with the medical field but making women feel and look their best. In 2017 she opened up DeAndra’Nicole Hair Studio to service her clients on a personal level.

Over the years DeAndra has come up with products that are effective and life-changing. Kurlzon Me is infused with natural and premium ingredients that are highly concentrated. One head at a time she maintains a strong client base by providing the upmost natural hair care experience and education to grow strong healthy hair for all hair types


What our Customers are Saying


Kurlzon Me product has added a shine and moisture to my hair. Being that I have fine hair it doesn’t weigh it down and keeps it flowy. I love this product and can’t wait for my next washday!​

Crystal Gordon


I legit loveee this oil it’s lightweight, not overpowering melts right into the scalp! Don’t leave that heavy feeling. My boyfriend using it too definitely noticed my edges growing thicker and healthier 💕 👏🏾

Sadé MSX


Kurlzon Me product changed my life forever. It has strengthened my hair and has promoted the growth of my edges and helped with the thinning I was experiencing. No I have beautiful natural curls and my hair is easy to manage. My hair is finally starting to grow! Kurlzon Me is the best when it comes to natural hair!

Kimberly Draper